Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Hella Cool Stuff You Need"..!!

Welcome back for another addition of HowCool is this stuff..!!

If it's one thing I know - EVERY GIRL needs cool as hell LINGERIE in their collection of spontaneous and improvised items that make others jealous of. Our selection of FETISH WEAR IS THE BOMB !!
Not to worry, I'm here to help !! Whether you are already in a quest for that 'special-little-something', or you like to 'DRESS IT UP AND ROCK-OUT', this selection of Glamorous and
Daring stuff will rock your world..!! Pleas allow me to introduce you too...
This little beauty will happily become your UNDER-COVER-LOVER, with her Metal-Boning, Zipper-Front, and Lace-Up Back, display all of your passion and energy ( just when you're ready to flaunt-it ).. The waist cincher is 'Not' just an occasional-item in your repertoire - it's an essential and unabashed way to JAZZ-UP YOUR PLAYWEAR..!!

Next-Up on our merry tour of ALL THINGS AWESOME..!! ( is )...

This little number will absolutely ADD SOME STEAK TO YOUR SIZZLE !! It's a WET-LOOK ZIP CORSET to compliment anything you pair it with..!! Arouse your inner minx when you slip into this Flirtatious and Inviting top and LOVE YOURSELF AND THE WAY YOU LOOK in even the most audacious adventures to come !! And did I mention it comes complete with the TITILLATING ZIPPER FRONT, AND YUMMY BLACK G-STRING.!! Let's face it, YOU NEED THIS NOW, so don't deny yourself any longer ( you won't regret it ) ;-)

Lace up vinyl romper with lace up sidesEM-V2429 by ELEGANT MOMENTS
I LOVE THIS !! This is one SEXY Lace up vinyl romper with lace up sides, that will transform you into the HOT & HEAVY hussy you want to be !! Seriously unleash the daredevil in you with this steamy romper with LACE-UP SIDES, and watch the fireworks blow-up all-around you !!

Check-Out the links for SO MUCH MORE GOODIES AND GEMS in our FETISHWEAR CATALOG, you will not be disappointed I guarantee you !! AND stay posted for more info on our new additions to the family and more YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS !! So check-back soon, and get the scoop on our NEW ITEMS to entice you more into your SEXY LIFESTYLE baby !! All the best to you - 'till next time, STAY SEXY !!

XOXOXO - DmartiniLover...<3

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