Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Hella Cool Stuff You Need"..!!

Welcome back for another addition of HowCool is this stuff..!!

If it's one thing I know - EVERY GIRL needs cool as hell LINGERIE in their collection of spontaneous and improvised items that make others jealous of. Our selection of FETISH WEAR IS THE BOMB !!
Not to worry, I'm here to help !! Whether you are already in a quest for that 'special-little-something', or you like to 'DRESS IT UP AND ROCK-OUT', this selection of Glamorous and
Daring stuff will rock your world..!! Pleas allow me to introduce you too...
This little beauty will happily become your UNDER-COVER-LOVER, with her Metal-Boning, Zipper-Front, and Lace-Up Back, display all of your passion and energy ( just when you're ready to flaunt-it ).. The waist cincher is 'Not' just an occasional-item in your repertoire - it's an essential and unabashed way to JAZZ-UP YOUR PLAYWEAR..!!

Next-Up on our merry tour of ALL THINGS AWESOME..!! ( is )...

This little number will absolutely ADD SOME STEAK TO YOUR SIZZLE !! It's a WET-LOOK ZIP CORSET to compliment anything you pair it with..!! Arouse your inner minx when you slip into this Flirtatious and Inviting top and LOVE YOURSELF AND THE WAY YOU LOOK in even the most audacious adventures to come !! And did I mention it comes complete with the TITILLATING ZIPPER FRONT, AND YUMMY BLACK G-STRING.!! Let's face it, YOU NEED THIS NOW, so don't deny yourself any longer ( you won't regret it ) ;-)

Lace up vinyl romper with lace up sidesEM-V2429 by ELEGANT MOMENTS
I LOVE THIS !! This is one SEXY Lace up vinyl romper with lace up sides, that will transform you into the HOT & HEAVY hussy you want to be !! Seriously unleash the daredevil in you with this steamy romper with LACE-UP SIDES, and watch the fireworks blow-up all-around you !!

Check-Out the links for SO MUCH MORE GOODIES AND GEMS in our FETISHWEAR CATALOG, you will not be disappointed I guarantee you !! AND stay posted for more info on our new additions to the family and more YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS !! So check-back soon, and get the scoop on our NEW ITEMS to entice you more into your SEXY LIFESTYLE baby !! All the best to you - 'till next time, STAY SEXY !!

XOXOXO - DmartiniLover...<3

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kickin' it here at Howcool, sharin' coffee & laughs with my very own *Funky-Bunch !! ( HaHa ) They're AWESOME :-P

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Welcome back for another round of 'YOU GOTTA HAVE THIS' items today..!!!

Okay - so in a bit of a departure of rolling out the hottest clothing and shoes we provide, I'm here today to bring you something Nifty, something Neat, and something Incredibly Sweet !!
How often do we discuss Shower Curtains with each other..?? xD Actually, shower curtains speak volumes about an individuals personality - from wacky to conservative, if you'd like a sneak-peek into someone's kick, check-out what's hangin' in their bathroom ( HeHe )...

Please allow me to introduce to you...
Sourpuss Clothing
How Cool is this..!! It's a GIANT ILLUSTRATED OCTOPUS on a Wavey Background. This curtain is 'Nifty' and playful, yet intimidating ( if you're afraid of big wet deep-water man-eating things that is).. And if this item is not typically your bag - why not pick this up as a gift for that 'hard-to-shop-for' seafaring uncle that constantly regales you with all of his 'bull-ship-stories'.!! Plus , don't forget 'TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY' is coming soon..!! Check-out every attention to detail, and you will truly appreciate the thought that went into designing this gem of the ocean...

And now for the little something 'Neat' to add to your list of delicious goodies to brag about...
Okay , this *Accoutrements accessory will have leave you smiling...
OH this sexy babe will light-up anyHula Shower Curtainbathroom, with a 'Steamy Happy Vibe' you just cannot deny.!! This HULA SHOWER CURTAIN will transform your entire space into a TROPICAL PARADISE with your very own (AND VERY PERSONAL) SENSUOUS HULA DANCER to please you with pleasant images of all things relaxingly inviting...
*Grab this curtain now, and enjoy the pleasures ALL SUMMER LONG.!! (YOU BETCHA)!

Now when you imagine something 'INCREDIBLY SWEET', it's my plucky pleasure to bring you... The BETTIE PAGE SHOWER CURTAIN.!!
Shower CurtainSourpuss Clothing
This is one 'STEAMY and TITILLATING' photo of AMERICA'S FAVE SECUCTRESS on a waterproof Polyester Fabric Curtain. Adorably 'SWEET & SEXY' as always - you will absolutely spend more time in the bathroom admiring the infinite beauty of Bettie, as you um....? --(Nevermind)---!! Flirtatious and HOTT, Bettie will always be there for you 'admiring' you back. Let's just hope she doesn't 'Kiss and Tell',,.. (HeHe) ;-P

Grab yourself your favorite bathroom accessories NOW, and hit me back to let me know how much you love 'em.!! (Go ahead, I'm all ears) And so-so much more here on the links for all your Racy-Inhibitions.. AND please don't forget to SIGN-UP NOW FOR OUR NEWSLETTERS, FOR 40-50% OFF ALL IN-STOCK MERCHANDISE, DISCOUNT CODES, AND MORE..!!!!! ALL HERE AT Howcool.com

'Till next time XoXo - DmartiniLover


Monday, February 13, 2012

It's my favorite day of the week, and time to address the inner-most 'Wild-Woman' in you.!!

Let's talk about my favorite heels of the day, ( or any day for that matter ) ;-)
I'd like to introduce you to my newest friends...
PL-ZOMBIE-04 4 1/2" Zombie Pump*By PLEASER - This little Jezebel will definitely bring out the Fearless Demon in you, when you strap these on, and go for a 'spin',.. ( Go ahead, I dare you ! ) Your competition will be green with envy, when you light-up the room in our *Zombie Pump.
Check-out the attention to every detail - from the 4-1/2" heels, to her oh-so colorful *DEMONIA FULL-MOON PRINT. You will thank yourself later for showing-off your defiance ( you little Scene-Stealer ) he he... Pair it with your fave 'Little-Black-Dress' and just watch the 'FIREWORKS' explode all-around you.!! Pick-up your *ZOMBIE now, and write to me later ( after you've shown her off ) and let me know exactly how daring you've been.. I want to hear 'all-about it'.
Color: Black
US Women's Sizes: 6-To-12

*Next on my list of fine 'people-eating' girlfriends is...
Bring it on with your mad-sexy self in these crazy heels.!! Glamorous 4-1/2" heels, with her PEEP-TOE FRONT make you so devilishly fun tonight. Look deeply into her Creepy Eyeballs Print, and admire the audacious display of insanity every woman possesses...
Color: Black
US Women's Sizes: 6-To-12

*And the last cute find, of all my bold and beautiful lovers...
PL-ZOMBIE-09 by PLEASER. 4 1/2" Peep Toe Maryjane Slip slowly into lunacy next time you step-out for the night with this very alluring 4-1/2" Mary Jane with DEMONIA 'REAPER' PRINT.
With her buckle-strap, and PEEP-SHOW-TOE, you show the world just how uninhibited and dangerous you can be.!! ( Pair it especially with your slinkiest dress )
US Women's Sizes 6-To-12

All these ZOMBIES and more, can and should be in your 'Footwear' arsenal - for any mood, theme or color-scheme you're stepping into next time. Besides, every woman has a 'dark-side' - might as well prove it now and then, right.?? hehe...

*'Till next time my pretty - I look forward to hearing from you. Ciao' for now..!!

*DmartiniLover XOXO - ;-)

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hi again sexy, and welcome to our blog...

Lets' face it - when it comes to comfort, you definitely know what you like. I'm here to kick-start the 'comfort party for 'ya, because when you've got a good thing goin' on, why not share... ..Right.?

There's just something about a SuperSoft 100% Organic Ringspun Cotton Rib-Knit Tank, that just makes you want to purr... And I'm talking about...

B4020 Bella Ladies 5.8 oz. Organic Cotton 2x1 Rib Tank#ALP-BELLA-B4O20 *RIB TANK by BELLA.
Contoured fit, and always eager to please - this casual little number will be a staple in your cadre of chillaxin'-clothes... Whether it's 'leisure-time' for yourself, or stepping-out 'improvised', there's just something sexy about a girl in a cotton tank.!!
It comes in way too many colors to mention, so click the link to get the scoop on this before we run out... And the US-Sizes run from SMALL up to 2X-LARGE.

B815 Bella Ladies 8 oz. Cotton/Spandex Capri PantI bring you the *Signature Cropped Capri Pant by BELLA.
Featuring a Roll-Down Waistband, with a *Contoured-Fit, creating a flattering silhouette. You can wear this sporty capri almost anywhere.!! So if you feel, 'active' today - or simply lounge-ey, by all means, you need this Capri - why not get all three colors while you're at it... Hey, you never know which color you're in the mood for tomorrow..??
Comes in *Black - *Deep Heather - *Navy

And while I'm chatting away, about cozy things - I cannot fail to mention our *BELLA ( LADIES 6.5 oz. COTTON/SPANDEX *CAMISOLE.
B600 X-Large, Bella Ladies' 6.5 oz. Cotton/Spandex Camisole"LOVE THE WAY YOUR LOOK" in a sporty little Camisole that's perfect for layering, solo, or for playtime - or just simple relaxation... Daytime, or sleepwear - it's all up to you in a wide array of colors baby..!! Check-out the link for more of this spontaneous stuff,,, YUMMY..!! #ALP-BELLA-B600
Bella Ladies 6.5 oz. Cotton/Spandex Boyfriend Brief

6.5 oz. Cotton/Spandex 'Boyfriend' Brief. ( How cute is this... ) Slip into these kicky-panties, and you'll feel oh-so-pretty kitty..!! ;-) AND FOUR DIFFERENT COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM..!! Fall in Love with this 'Under-Cover-Lover' and you will NOT be disappointed with the way they feel on you..

So keep me posted on what you like, and I will ALWAYS be here for you. What else would you like to see..?? Hmmm - please hit me, and we can chat more tomorrow....

'Till Next Time, Ciao' for now... XoXo - ^j^ dmartiniLover

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Well, hello again to all my sexy friends who have overwhelmingly requested more of my sinful advice on what's new and interesting in our lingerie-world, here at Howcool.com. This is Dave - and I can't wait to introduce you to my latest little secrets to share with you...

So without any further a due, I bring you my recommendations for Valentine's Day!

Okay...  LET'S ROCK *VALENTINE'S DAY with the first on my list of "IN-STOCK" gorgeous goodies today...
* Love yourself madly in our 5-1/4 inch Heel PL-BELLA-16 by *PLEASER These heels prove that being adventurous doesn't make you trashy!!  They are lovingly created in RED or BLACK with Satin-black lace overlay, and an OPEN-TOE PLATFORM to show-off your cute little 'tootsies'!!  They're available in *Women's Sizes from (U.S.)-5 up to 11. 

*While you're at it...  ( Looking and feeling SEXY that is )  why not pair the heels with our *PERFORMER SEQUIN SWEETHEART NECKLINE TUBE DRESS !!


Be the center of attention when you walk into the room in this little number !! 
It's an Ultra comfortable Poly/Lycra blend Tube Dress with Sequins, and an oh-so-cute Keyhole Back.  Did I mention the Matching Bracelet it's styled with.??  You will send intense signals in this little scorcher !!  It's available in *Silver or *Magenta, One-Size, AND incredibly  now 50%-OFF from $40.40 down to -> $20.20 (while supplies last)  *ITEM-# BZ-CL08
*FINISH OFF this outfit ( or any outfit ) with our *SEAMLESS PYRAMID NET STRIPED PANTYHOSE.

Show-Off your passion and energy with these SOFT & SULTRY pantyhose for any sexy moment in your life !!   ON-SALE NOW AT $12.16   ITEM-# SOH-90238 



Highest on my end of the "NOOKIE" Spectrum is the CUTEST PANTY I've ever seen !!   *ITEM-# *LA-2556 This little heart breaker arrives to you in your choice of *BUBBLEGUM PINK or RED, and is made of SUPER-SOFT LYCRA in ONE-SIZE.  ORDER NOW, because WHEN WE SELL-OUT IT WILL BE GONE FOREVER..!!  ( Getting un-dressed has never been this fun !! )
ONLY 600 CoolPoints. !! We also offer the LA-2556 in black and white for $5.67


Please feel free to E-MAIL questions and comments anytime to me here.  I'm fond of sharing myself with all of my sexy friends !!

         *All the best -
         XOXOXOXO -

*DAVE   ^j^ 

For you...........