Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Welcome back for another round of 'YOU GOTTA HAVE THIS' items today..!!!

Okay - so in a bit of a departure of rolling out the hottest clothing and shoes we provide, I'm here today to bring you something Nifty, something Neat, and something Incredibly Sweet !!
How often do we discuss Shower Curtains with each other..?? xD Actually, shower curtains speak volumes about an individuals personality - from wacky to conservative, if you'd like a sneak-peek into someone's kick, check-out what's hangin' in their bathroom ( HeHe )...

Please allow me to introduce to you...
Sourpuss Clothing
How Cool is this..!! It's a GIANT ILLUSTRATED OCTOPUS on a Wavey Background. This curtain is 'Nifty' and playful, yet intimidating ( if you're afraid of big wet deep-water man-eating things that is).. And if this item is not typically your bag - why not pick this up as a gift for that 'hard-to-shop-for' seafaring uncle that constantly regales you with all of his 'bull-ship-stories'.!! Plus , don't forget 'TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY' is coming soon..!! Check-out every attention to detail, and you will truly appreciate the thought that went into designing this gem of the ocean...

And now for the little something 'Neat' to add to your list of delicious goodies to brag about...
Okay , this *Accoutrements accessory will have leave you smiling...
OH this sexy babe will light-up anyHula Shower Curtainbathroom, with a 'Steamy Happy Vibe' you just cannot deny.!! This HULA SHOWER CURTAIN will transform your entire space into a TROPICAL PARADISE with your very own (AND VERY PERSONAL) SENSUOUS HULA DANCER to please you with pleasant images of all things relaxingly inviting...
*Grab this curtain now, and enjoy the pleasures ALL SUMMER LONG.!! (YOU BETCHA)!

Now when you imagine something 'INCREDIBLY SWEET', it's my plucky pleasure to bring you... The BETTIE PAGE SHOWER CURTAIN.!!
Shower CurtainSourpuss Clothing
This is one 'STEAMY and TITILLATING' photo of AMERICA'S FAVE SECUCTRESS on a waterproof Polyester Fabric Curtain. Adorably 'SWEET & SEXY' as always - you will absolutely spend more time in the bathroom admiring the infinite beauty of Bettie, as you um....? --(Nevermind)---!! Flirtatious and HOTT, Bettie will always be there for you 'admiring' you back. Let's just hope she doesn't 'Kiss and Tell',,.. (HeHe) ;-P

Grab yourself your favorite bathroom accessories NOW, and hit me back to let me know how much you love 'em.!! (Go ahead, I'm all ears) And so-so much more here on the links for all your Racy-Inhibitions.. AND please don't forget to SIGN-UP NOW FOR OUR NEWSLETTERS, FOR 40-50% OFF ALL IN-STOCK MERCHANDISE, DISCOUNT CODES, AND MORE..!!!!! ALL HERE AT Howcool.com

'Till next time XoXo - DmartiniLover


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