Monday, February 13, 2012

It's my favorite day of the week, and time to address the inner-most 'Wild-Woman' in you.!!

Let's talk about my favorite heels of the day, ( or any day for that matter ) ;-)
I'd like to introduce you to my newest friends...
PL-ZOMBIE-04 4 1/2" Zombie Pump*By PLEASER - This little Jezebel will definitely bring out the Fearless Demon in you, when you strap these on, and go for a 'spin',.. ( Go ahead, I dare you ! ) Your competition will be green with envy, when you light-up the room in our *Zombie Pump.
Check-out the attention to every detail - from the 4-1/2" heels, to her oh-so colorful *DEMONIA FULL-MOON PRINT. You will thank yourself later for showing-off your defiance ( you little Scene-Stealer ) he he... Pair it with your fave 'Little-Black-Dress' and just watch the 'FIREWORKS' explode all-around you.!! Pick-up your *ZOMBIE now, and write to me later ( after you've shown her off ) and let me know exactly how daring you've been.. I want to hear 'all-about it'.
Color: Black
US Women's Sizes: 6-To-12

*Next on my list of fine 'people-eating' girlfriends is...
Bring it on with your mad-sexy self in these crazy heels.!! Glamorous 4-1/2" heels, with her PEEP-TOE FRONT make you so devilishly fun tonight. Look deeply into her Creepy Eyeballs Print, and admire the audacious display of insanity every woman possesses...
Color: Black
US Women's Sizes: 6-To-12

*And the last cute find, of all my bold and beautiful lovers...
PL-ZOMBIE-09 by PLEASER. 4 1/2" Peep Toe Maryjane Slip slowly into lunacy next time you step-out for the night with this very alluring 4-1/2" Mary Jane with DEMONIA 'REAPER' PRINT.
With her buckle-strap, and PEEP-SHOW-TOE, you show the world just how uninhibited and dangerous you can be.!! ( Pair it especially with your slinkiest dress )
US Women's Sizes 6-To-12

All these ZOMBIES and more, can and should be in your 'Footwear' arsenal - for any mood, theme or color-scheme you're stepping into next time. Besides, every woman has a 'dark-side' - might as well prove it now and then, right.?? hehe...

*'Till next time my pretty - I look forward to hearing from you. Ciao' for now..!!

*DmartiniLover XOXO - ;-)

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