Thursday, March 15, 2012


*WELL, WELL, WELL,,.. Now here's a subject a LOT of our clients love to share re-discovering as often as possible ~ the subject of *CLUBWEAR !! Whether you're stepping-out with the girls for a quiet Pink Martini in your favorite lounge, or gearing-up to be a Mad Flirt on the prowl at the hottest uptown dance club ~ You owe it to yourself to check-out our newest selection of *CLUB WEAR that will make you the biggest Scene-Stealer of all...

First-off let's get right to the 'good stuff' !! And by that I mean ~
#SOH-93005 WOW - This Matching Set screams "SAY AHHH"!!! ;-O ~ Be so Soft and Kissable in your Satin Spandex Gathered Tube Top and Scrunch-Back Short Set ( in a very nice Variety of Colors ). This outfit will trigger Major Mayhem when you pour yourself in this B3W !! Show-Off just how Pretty and Wild you are, with your Romantically Erotic Attitude. ( P.S. ) Don't say I never warned you, when someone instinctively says "Nice Martini"!! HeHe...<3

"I want to see you in a Red Dress Baby" ~
Foil Slinky Asymmetrical Mini Dress
Be simply flawless in your new *FOIL SLINKY ASYMMETRICAL MINI DRESS by *LEG AVENUE.-#LA-28067 Talk about Brave and Daring ~ just imagine how spicy you will feel hopping into this little Betty for a test-drive, and feel exactly what it's like to Live Life in the Fast Lane !!
She arrives to you complete with JEWEL SHOULDER STRAP and RUCHED SIDE DETAIL. Comes in Red or Black in a Variety of Sizes.. Evening wear will never be the same after you "Oh-Baby" the night away in style, in this Defiant yet Adorable piece of Ass!!

*WAIT FOR IT... CAN YOU HEAR IT...Rok Tube Dress*ROK TUBE DRESS by *FORPLAY #FP-221125 That's the sound of a million dreams being launched !! I cannot say enough, how much every girl needs at least one "LITTLE BLACK DRESS" in your closet !! Lay that sinner down in this Devil-May-Care *TUBE DRESS with SWEETHEART NECKLINE and SEQUIN EMPIRE WAIST and HEM... Make hearts 'throb' ( among other things ) as you step-out on the dance floor, and party under the disco-ball moonlight in your favorite new Playwear !! Arrives to you in Black, with a Variety of Sizes for your carnal pleasures in this 'Hot-Little-Hussy'!!
95% Polyester, and 5% Spandex hugs your body like a sensually hot bubble-bath... Don't be afraid to Make a Little Moonlight Magic that you'll never forget ~ seriously, you deserve to spoil yourself right..??

** "RESIST ME"**!!!
Hot Shorts#FOL-B1039 "HOT SHORTS".. by FOLTER Cotton Spandex Fuschia Hot Shorts with screen print "HOT CHEEKS" ON THE BACK..!!

"THE NIGHT IS HERE"Shait - Exposed Front Buckle DressHOW 'TURNED-ON' ARE YOU..??
Oh Goddess of mine ~ Confess all your desires in this *EXPOSED FRONT BUCKLE DRESS by *BODY ZONE -#BZ-RA06BK. Smile down on your 'Slave of Love' in this DEEP CUT DRESS ACCENTED by A UNIQUE SILVER BUCKLE and MADE FROM ULTRA COMFORTABLE FABRIC. With your 'Heart on Fire' and a Million Ways To Make your Body Quake ~ seduce me with your Hungry Eyes and Breathless Desire for something we both can share... It's only a matter of time before you're 'mine'..

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